Fundamentals of Communications and Networking

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    Fundamentals of Communications and Networking, Third Edition helps readers better understand today's networks and the way they support the evolving requirements of different types of organizations.

    While displaying technical depth, this new edition presents an evolutionary perspective of data networking from the early years to the local area networking boom, to advanced IP data networks that support multimedia and real-time applications.

    The Third Edition is loaded with real-world examples, network designs, and network scenarios that provide the reader with a wealth of data networking information and practical implementation tips.

    Key Features:
    • Now available with Cloud Labs, providing immersive mock IT infrastructures where students can learn and practice foundational networking skills
    • Maps to certifications such as CompTIA Network+
    • Discusses how networks support the increasing demands of advanced communications
    • Includes updates to IEEE 802.3 standards, new technical specifications, and recent trends in IP data networking
    • Outlines how businesses use networks to solve business problems, both technically and operationally
    • Utilizes the OSI model from a layering perspective to provide readers with a foundational blueprint for understanding networking from a protocol stack perspective