Introduction to Health Behavior Theory, Fourth Edition

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    Introduction to Health Behavior Theory, Fourth Edition by Joanna Hayden provides an accessible and engaging introduction to the theoretical basis of health education. 

    Covering the more commonly used health behavior theories in individual chapters, the author breaks each theory into concepts and constructs to enhance comprehension and encourage students to discover how these theories can be put into practice.

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    Summary of Contents

    Ch 1 Introduction to Theory
    Ch 2 Self-Efficacy Theory
    Ch 3 Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Behavior
    Ch 4 Health Belief Model
    Ch 5 Attribution Theory
    Ch 6 Transtheoretical Model-Stages of Change
    Cha 7 Protection Motivation Theory
    Ch 8 Social Cognitive Theory
    Ch 9 Diffusion of Innovation
    Ch 10 Social Ecological Model
    Ch 11 Social Capital Theory
    Ch 12 Choosing a Theory