Introduction to Public Health Program Planning

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    Written to provide students with the essential program planning skills that they'll need in public health practice, Introduction to Public Health Program Planning offers an accessible and engaging approach to the program planning process.

    Key Features:

    • Chapter-opening analogies to real-life situations help demystify chapter content and ease student understanding.
    • Discussion of the most commonly used planning frameworks (including PRECEDE-PROCEED, MAPP, MAP-IT, and Intervention Mapping).
    • End-of chapter activities that link to journal articles demonstrate how the material covered is applied in a practice setting.
    • Figures and tables provide visual examples that clarify and expand upon chapter material.
    • Navigate eBook Access (included with each new print text) provides online or offline access to the digital text.

    Table of Contents:

    Section I Planning Foundations
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Planning
    Chapter 2 Health Behavior Theories
    Chapter 3 Preparing for Planning
    Section II Planning Basics
    Chapter 4 Assessing
    Chapter 5 Planning
    Chapter 6 Implementing
    Chapter 7 Evaluating
    Section III Planning Frameworks
    Chapter 9 MAPP
    Chapter 10 MAP-IT
    Chapter 11 Intervention Mapping
    Chapter 12 Frameworks for Specific Issues and Methods
    Chapter 13 Choosing a Framework