We're Here to Help Clinicians, Instructors & Students Affected by COVID-19 


We, at Jones & Bartlett Learning, want to help clinicians and students who find themselves working with COVID-19 patients and others who may be affected. In continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the on-going need for mechanical ventilators we will be providing Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, a free online educational resource for clinicians that outlines the initiation and adjustment of ventilator support, as well as important information regarding the more common ventilators you may encounter in hospitals today. 

This online resource provides clinicians with essential information on when to start a patient on a ventilator and how to initiate and adjust ventilation. Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation also includes a Comprehensive Mechanical Ventilation Synopsis Deck, comprised of 1000 slides in PowerPoint™ format, which provides an overview of various ventilator types arranged by Critical Care Ventilators; High-Frequency Ventilators; Portable, Transport, and Non-invasive Ventilators; and Neonatal Ventilators.

If you would like FREE access to Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation please complete the form below.