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Offering a greater focus on anxiety reduction and self-care, Managing Stress: Skills for Anxiety Reduction, Self-Care, and Personal Resiliency, Eleventh Edition provides a comprehensive approach to stress management, honoring the balance and harmony of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  Referred to as the "authority on stress management" by students and professionals, this book equips readers with the tools needed to identify and manage stress while also coaching them on how to strive for health and balance in these changing times. The holistic approach taken by internationally acclaimed lecturer and author Brian Luke Seaward gently guides the reader to greater levels of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being by emphasizing the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Watch our interview with Brian Luke Seaward to learn more about the 11th Edition and glean valuable insights for teaching stress management to today’s students.

Key Features:

  • New Chapter (1) on Living in an Upside-Down World
  • New Learning Objectives open each chapter, offering students direction to the learning ahead.
  • New Self-Care Toolboxes provide helpful suggestions for taking care of oneself
  • New Chapter on Getting a Good Night's Sleep
  • Updates throughout, including new studies and updated statistics that align with current literature
  • Added coverage of newer social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok
  • New final chapter provides "Additional Relaxation Techniques"
  • Unparalleled student resources, including "The Art of Peace and Relaxation" digital workbook, interactive eBook with audio introduction, knowledge check questions, eBook quizzes, relaxation media, flashcards, and more