Working in Community Health: Foundations for a Successful Career

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    Working in Community Health: Foundations for a Successful Career prepares and trains current and future community health workers for employment in this rapidly expanding field.

    This first-of-its-kind text provides the knowledge required for developing practical employment skills, understanding basic anatomy and physiology of common chronic diseases, accessing and understanding health knowledge, developing a resume, and interviewing proficiency.

    Watch this recent interview with author, Kay Perrin to learn more about working in community health and discover how her new book supports and prepares those looking to work in this important field.

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    Summary of Contents

    Section 1  Community Health Workers in the Community
    Ch 1  What is a Community Health Worker?
    Ch 2  Adult Learning and Health Literacy
    Ch 3  Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
    Ch 4  Social Justice, Advocacy, and Community Resources
    Section  2  Health and Disease
    Ch 5  Environmental Impact of Health
    Ch 6  Body Systems
    Ch  7  Infectious Diseases
    Section  3  Aspects of Aging
      Ch  8  Safety for the Aging Population, Elderly, and Community Health Workers
      Ch  9  Aspects of Aging
      Ch 10  Quality of Life, Advance Directives, and End of Life Planning
    Section  4  Health Care, Ethics, and Professionalism
      Ch 11  Health Insurance
      Ch 12  Health Care Facilities
      Ch 13  Ethics, Rights, and Responsibilities
      Ch 14  The Community Health Worker Profession