Working in Community Health: Foundations for a Successful Career

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    Working in Community Health: Foundations for a Successful Career prepares and trains current and future community health workers for employment in this rapidly expanding field.

    This first-of-its-kind text provides the knowledge required for developing practical employment skills, understanding basic anatomy and physiology of common chronic diseases, accessing and understanding health knowledge, developing a resume, and interviewing proficiency.

    Table of Contents

    Section 1  Community Health Workers in the Community
    Ch 1  What is a Community Health Worker?
    Ch 2  Adult Learning and Health Literacy
    Ch 3  Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
    Ch 4  Social Justice, Advocacy, and Community Resources
    Section  2  Health and Disease
    Ch 5  Environmental Impact of Health
    Ch 6  Body Systems
    Ch  7  Infectious Diseases
    Section  3  Aspects of Aging
      Ch  8  Safety for the Aging Population, Elderly, and Community Health Workers
      Ch  9  Aspects of Aging
      Ch 10  Quality of Life, Advance Directives, and End of Life Planning
    Section  4  Health Care, Ethics, and Professionalism
      Ch 11  Health Insurance
      Ch 12  Health Care Facilities
      Ch 13  Ethics, Rights, and Responsibilities
      Ch 14  The Community Health Worker Profession

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