Medical Terminology: Active Learning Through Case Studies

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    Medical terminology can be a daunting course for students with a seemingly endless list of words to memorize. Medical Terminology: Active Learning Through Case Studies provides a unique approach and considers medical words in terms of common combining forms, prefixes, and suffixes to determine meaning in context. Students feel empowered when they realize they have the knowledge to dissect a long, complicated medical term into simpler parts to determine its meaning. The text is organized by body system with related terms describing anatomical features, pathologies, and procedures grouped together in story form for easy recall.

    While engaging students with real-world stories and medical records to help learn medical terms is not unique, having a book with such a large collection of these cases is novel. The book is designed to provide instructors with a framework for students to apply their medical terminology knowledge as part of the learning process. The case studies have been designed as classroom activities for a semester-long medical terminology course and can also be integrated into course assessments or assigned for review and reinforcement.

    Key Features: 

    • Ten case studies organized by increasing complexity from Standard to Advanced, giving instructors the ability to assign cases based on the level of their students.
    • Consumable working text that allows students to create their own study book by keeping notes directly in the book.
    • Slide-based teaching presentations that include an origins slide, which focused on the etymology of highly relevant, unique, or complicated terms to provide students.