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    Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, Fifth Edition is a foundational text for teaching nursing students the core concepts of knowledge management while providing an understanding of the technology tools and applications where a certain level of proficiency is required. A practical guide for understanding how to leverage modern technology, the text teaches students how to acquire, process and disseminate knowledge. Grounded in the Foundation of Knowledge Model, the authors leverage this framework throughout as an organizational structure by which to teach and learn nursing informatics.

    Key Features:
    • New content on the agile decision-making process, interdisciplinary collaboration, augmented and digital realities, social determinants of health and quality improvement initiatives
    • Expanded case studies feature beginner to advanced scenarios suitable for new or returning students
    • Updated (DIKW) Paradigm demonstrates how to apply informatics to clinical practice.
    • Feature boxes highlight clinical and practical applications of various tools, such as mobile apps, EHR, and artificial intelligence
    • New and updated animations for Health Informatics Regulations, Big Health Data Life Cycle, CEN-1, and the DIKW Paradigm can be found in the Navigate Premier Access package