Population Health Analytics

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    Population Health Analytics is a first-of-its-kind text, written to prepare future and current healthcare professionals to apply population health data to improve health outcomes, understand patterns of health behavior and behavior determinants, develop effective interventions, and track health and cost performance across populations.

    Key Features:

    • Real world scenarios using case studies, use cases, critical thinking and discussion questions encourage readers to apply data and analytics to improve health.
    • Readers will learn to discern the intricacies and nuances of creating, preparing, contextualizing, tracking, and reporting data to support clinical quality and healthcare cost improvement.
    • Guiding principles and processes to develop a population health workforce are introduced, such as the Team Troika in Chapter 31.
    • Each application of healthcare data is supported with evidence, ample references, and ancillary resources
    • Navigate eBook Access (included with each printed text) enabling online or offline access to the text from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.