Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership

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    Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership, Fifth Edition takes a patient-centered, traditional approach to the topic of nursing education. An ideal text for teaching students how to transition from the classroom to practice, it focuses on the core competencies for health professionals as determined by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

    Completely updated and revised, the Fifth Edition content on epidemics and pandemics (specifically COVID-19), minority health, integrating social care into health care, infection control and prevention, competency-based education, motivational interviewing, Healthy People 2020, and more. Students can stay engaged with Stop and Consider statements that examine key topics from a personal and a clinical point-of-view, and with End-of-Chapter Special Teaching Learning Features that encourage students to interact with the content in dynamic ways, from group discussions to reflection journals to designing their own clinical case scenarios.

    Key Features:

    • Updates on the latest AACN Essentials competencies.
    • New Clinical Reasoning and Judgment, Collaborative Learning, and, Role Play activities; designed to encourage students to interact with the content in more dynamic ways, either as individuals or in collaborative groups.
    • Updated Chapter 7: Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Illness: Community and Population Health Perspectives.
    • Includes an added focus on community and population health perspectives, coping with community health crises and disasters, and community health education and guidance.
    • Expanded emphasis on person-centered care and patient-centered care.
    • Added content on evidence-based practice and quality improvement.
    • Updated content to reflect the latest updates in informatics and healthcare technologies.
    • Exemplars and case studies appear throughout the text.